February MUA Highlight: DOUBLE FEATURE

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  http://tumblr.com/ZKPpQwF_Be6z   Model – DJ Krystal Roxx Photographer – Martin Higgs Make-Up – ShowMe Makeup Alternative Beauty! This is an image from my earlier days as a Make-Up Artist. This look reminds… Continue reading

CurePSP Webinars

Battle of the Lashes continues our quest in raising awareness for Progressive Supernuclear Pasly. In collaboration with our Beneficiary, CurePSP, we strive to reach as many people affected by PSP, CBD, MSA and… Continue reading

ShowMe Makeup

2012 January Makeup Artist Highlight  

Types of Fasle Lashes

Types of False Eyelashes Different types of false lashes allow you to achieve almost any type of look you want. Your lashes can go from bold and dark, to natural and light. They… Continue reading

Tips and Application of False Eyelashes

Tips in choosing the right pair of false eyelashes For a more  natural look, you can opt for individual eyelash strands that  can be  applied to the outside corners of your eyes. Whole… Continue reading

Eyelash Extensions

This technique developed  by beauticians and cosmetologists to improve the beauty of the eyes: to  get thicker, longer and more beautiful eyelashes. Originated in Japan at  the start of the millennium, it became… Continue reading


   This kind of wide-open, innocent appearing eyes were  in style in the 1950s. The look originated in Paris, it  appeared in  Vogue and other magazines and was soon adopted by movie stars,… Continue reading

The Eyelash Curler

Translation:”A fascinating  look, with the Kurlash eyelash curler. It is an ingenious tool which  allows, like Fard Rodal Cosmetic, in few seconds, to curve your  eyelashes such as we see in American film… Continue reading


Since 1917  Maybell Labs. had another product which was an earlier version of what  later would be the “cake mascara”. The product was not made with  vaseline, but a mixture of sodium stearate… Continue reading

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