2013-2014 Beneficiary

2013 November MUA Highlight- Charlie Avery

Charli Avery Make-Up - London, United Kingdom

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2013 October MUA Highlight- Danielle Davey

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2013 September MUA Highlight- Elaine Burns

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2013 August MUA Highlight- Lauren Wheeler


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2013 July MUA Highlight Karla Powell

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2013 June MUA Highlight ZyZi Makeup


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2013 May MUA Highlight – Anne Bowcock

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2013 April DOUBLE FEATURE MUA Highlight-

Dayan Morgan-Sylvaen

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Sarah Baldwin

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2013 March- RECAP


2013 February MUA Highlight- Merry Doll

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2013 January MUA Highlight- Juan Johnson

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2012 Beneficiary- CurePSP

CurePSP Webinars

 2012 Janurary MUA Highlight Show Me Make Up       

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2012 February MUA Highlight De’jan Nicole & Daniel Lyons

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2012 March MUA Highlight Japan Japanesefaces


2012 April MUA Highlight Amy Elizabeth

2012 May MUA Highlight-La’Tonya Beckum

2012 June MUA Highlight- Monica Brown-Glam U!

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 2012 July MUA Highlight- Trenace Davis

2012 August MUA Highlight- MERCEDES




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2012 September MUAs RECAP

2012 October MUA Highlight- N’D Makeup Artist


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2012 November MUA Highlight- Nikole Morrow-Pettus

2012 December- Recap of 2012 MUA Highlights- Congrats to ALL