The Meaning of True Beauty by Elaine Burns

MUA: Elaine Burns*Hair Stylist: Jenn Mathieson*Model: Tara Nowy-Colours*Photographer: Laura McKinnon

Working within the fashion industry, you may think as a makeup artist that I would believe beauty to be purely focused on the perfect figure, the smooth tanned skin and the perfectly symmetrical features.  Of course these attributes are attractive but they do not define true beauty.

 True beauty is individuality and discovering your strengths, it is confidence in your beliefs and accepting those of others.  It is working what you’ve got and not sweating it over what you’ve not!

 Your warmth and personality shining through makes you a true beauty amongst those who know you.  An understanding of others, empathy and loyalty make for true beauty more than a lipstick ever will.  We love makeup in our job and love the transformations we can create but what always shines through in the resulting images?  The true beauty of our subject and the story behind their eyes. 

 You may have been blessed with an aesthetically beautiful face and be constantly told that you are a true beauty.  Embrace it but be sure to thank your parents as it’s ultimately them who can take the credit – not you!  Enjoy looking beautiful, have fun with those lashes but never let it define you.  The old saying is true; looks fade but a good heart keeps you beautiful forever. 

~Elaine Burns, MUA