Elaine Burns MUA Makes LAURA MCKINNON Spotlight

“The Emperor” for FNO Magazine, Model: Yasmin @ Model Team, Stylist: Stephanie Boyle
With an impressive resume of years of lecturing, celebrity clients and endless editorial spreads, Elaine Burns is a name that should be on everybody’s little black book.

Cover shoot for Issue 8 of FNO Magazine, Model: Lauren @ Model Team, Stylist: Stephanie Boyle

When I met Elaine Burns on an editorial set just over 14 months ago, I never realized just how important she would become to my team. Equipped with quick wit, quick thinking and an ability to keep a cool head under pressure, Elaine excels in the most unusual of situations. I’ve witnessed Elaine deal with just about everything – from saving models from territorial highland cows (really) to performing Wonder Woman make-up miracles with a 15 minute deadline.

Beauty feature for Scottish Woman Magazine, written by Elaine, Model: Adriana @ Colours

 Elaine’s technical ability particularly excels in the field of skin prep and correction, allowing for speedier retouching times in post-production – crucial to the high pace of the industry. Elaine prepares for shoots with her vast foundation of knowledge, specializing on the historically significant periods of make-up artistry. Elaine also extends her knowledge, turning to beauty and lifestyle journalism, and often is sought out for her expertise by the national media.

Never short of creativity and enthusiasm, Elaine brings a positive buzz to the team, even with a 5am call time. 


Elaine is also a certified beauty therapist. You can view more of Elaine’s work here: – www.elaineburns.co.uk
*Information Courtesy of Elaine Burns/(Laura MIckinnon (an award-winning internationally signed fashion photographer http://ljmckinnon.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/spotlight-elaine-burns-mua.html)