2013-2014 Beneficiary, WonderRoot

Battle of the Lashes is Proud to Announce Our 2013-2014 Beneficiary, WonderRoot

Picture1WonderRoot is an Atlanta-based non-profit arts and service organization with a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change. By providing production facilities to Atlanta-based artists and coordinating arts-based service programs, WonderRoot empowers artists to be proactive in engaging their communities through arts-based service work. We believe that art is an agent of change and that by empowering people with the means to create art, we are in turn empowering people with the means to create change.

Founded in 2004 in response to Atlanta’s need for an organization that unites artists and community advocacy. They believe that artists have the potential to change the world. Musicians, photographers, writers, filmmakers, and artists of all other mediums have the ability to communicate globally, moving freely through the barriers of language and geographical restraints. In a society that receives much of its information through the media, the most effective way to implement positive change is through using media resources. WonderRoot- simply artists giving back to the community that has done so much to inspire us.

WonderRoot is an inclusive community of diverse individuals who are dedicated to inspiring sustainable change through the arts.  We advocate for resourceful action and ethical decisions in everything we do.

Battle of the Lashes has Eye-mazing things in store for the upcoming year in support of WonderRoot, its mission and projects. Stay Tuned….

For further information about WonderRoot and it’s projects  log on to www.wonderroot.org

Let The Battle of the Lashes Begin