Tips and Application of False Eyelashes

Tips in choosing the right pair of false eyelashes

For a more  natural look, you can opt for individual eyelash strands that  can be  applied to the outside corners of your eyes. Whole strips of  false  eyelashes are perfect for a more dramatic effect. False eyelashes may  appear garish if they are not applied properly or if  they are too long.  To avoid too much attention, opt for false eyelashes  that are about as  long as your natural ones. If it’s your first time to  use false  eyelashes, try to get different types of false eyelashes. In  this way,  you can experiment or try out different styles and find out  the ideal  pair of eyelashes for your look, personality, or lifestyle.

Tips when putting on false eyelashes

When  putting on false eyelashes, the eyelid should be free from oil,  dirt,  or make-up. Have a lash adhesive handy and apply the glue to  individual  or strip lashes. Make sure that you do not put glue directly  on the  eyelids. The adhesive is meant for the false eyelash or eyelashes  and  not for your sensitive eyelid. Don’t sleep with the false eyelashes  still attached. This could result  to eye or skin irritation. You may be  tired after a night out with your  friends but remember to always  remove all your make-up, especially the  false eyelashes, before  sleeping. When removing them, do not yank the false eyelashes from your  eyelids.  Try to use a make-up remover and gently remove the false  lashes from the  eyelids.

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