The   legend says that David W. Griffith, the American cinema director,   invented them. Maybe the idea was flying around, maybe someone else was   working with the same purpose, maybe some people were making in some  way  artificial eyelashes at home, but the truth is that in 1916,   Griffith  gave the first step trying to display his actresses in his  silent movie  “Intolerance, Love’s Struggle Through the Ages” with  “fluttering” eyes,  creating the special effect with false lashes. He  said that he was  looking for an effect of  “eyelashes brushing the  actresses cheeks”.

The  actress Seena Owen was the most popular using  those artificial  eyelashes, and soon the same effect was adopted in  other Hollywood  productions, and it became popular between the people  in general. Even  though, false eyelashes were not  popular until 1930;  at that time,  Maybelline launched a 10 cents mascara package, and more  innovations  were introduced in the market.

By  1930s,  women were enjoying  make up as never before in history of  beauty.  Artificial eyelashes became very popular again  in 1960s,  when  big  made-up eyes were the fashion.