The Eyelash Curler

Translation:”A fascinating  look, with the Kurlash eyelash curler. It is an ingenious tool which  allows, like Fard Rodal Cosmetic, in few seconds, to curve your  eyelashes such as we see in American film actresses. Transform your  eyelashes in strong and long ones,  with the products Vildizienne and  curve them with Kurlash…”(Advertisement from Ilustraçâo Magazine,Lisboa,1930.Courtesy of ttp://

There were different patents of  this invention between 1923 and 1940. William Joseph Beldue is  recognized as one the first inventors while he was working in Kurlash  Co., in Rochester, NY.

The name of the first devices were  Rodal, and later they were renamed “Kurlash”. There are another patents  from 1931, by William McDonnell and Charles Stickel. In 1930s and in  1940s, at the top of the make up fashion, these curlers were very  popular and not expensive. They were made in stainless steel, and the  design of these devices remains the same from 1940s.  Some of them were  packed with rubber replacements, as we can see in the image below. Women  used to heat them with blow dryers. Furthermore, new curlers were made  with their own batteries to heat them for a more lasting curl.