Inside Look


ND’Makeup Artist 20th Inspired Lash


by Amy Elizabeth

There are a few women in entertainment history that have left a lasting mark of the beauty industry.  They are women that exuded beauty both inside & out; demonstrated unique individuality; and have become icons to us today.

Audrey Hepburn

These women each had their own individual fashion & makeup style that fit their personalities perfectly.   As a result, modern women still seek to replicate their looks and aspire to their beauty.

I begin with Audrey Hepburn.

She was a woman of sophistication and grace.  Her makeup style complimented her delicate

Bridget Bardot

frame, poised personality, and classic fashion.  When I speak specifically to her eyelashes, they were delicate yet defined, complimenting her elegant simplicity.

Then we have Bridget Bardot.  She is known as the sex symbol of the sixties.  She was a pioneer when it came to perfecting the smokey, seductive eye.  One of the most common makeup requests I hear today is for a “smokey eye”.  This style is worn by so many actors as they grace the red carpet of award shows and premiers.

Today women have so many options for enhancing their beauty through makeup & makeup accessories such as false lashes.  I have recently discovered the false lash company “ND Makeup“.  They have simplified the false lash selection process by naming their lashes after many brilliant icons such as the two I’ve already mentioned, as well as many others such at Marilyn Monroe & Sophia Lauren.

There are other lines that also offer many false lash options to create the look of your favorite beauty icon, or for creating your own individual style.  Some of my favorite lashes are from Ardell (found in your local drug store) or Shu Uemura (found at Sephora).