De’jan Nicole On True Beauty

De’jan Nicole

De’jan Nicole discuss with Battle of the Lashes her perception on True Beauty.

BOL: Often times, there is a misconception on the meaning of vanity and beauty. To some, the more vain you are the more beautiful you are. That means going through extereme plastic surgeries, botoxs, any and everything to prove your beauty. For others, bare is beautiful.  As a makeup artist,  how would you describe the meaning of True Beauty?

De’jan Nicole:Everyone has their own idea of what it is to them, but I believe that True Beauty goes beyond just a pretty face. True Beauty starts from the inside out.

BOL:How does your love for makeup influence what beauty means to you and your clients?

De’jan Nicole:  My love for makeup surpasses just making a client look beautiful. It’s about making them feel as beautiful on the inside as they look on the outside. It’s my job to make my client feel and look their best!

BOL:How would one, even you for that matter, know when a person is walking in their True Beauty?

De’jan Nicole:When you have True Beauty on the inside adding makeup is a plus! It adds an extra sparkle.

BOL:Why is True Beauty important to you?

De’jan Nicole: Sometimes people need to know that they are beautiful beyond what they see in the mirror. That reassurance at that moment can take away any insecurity one has ever felt.

BOL:In this society, a lot is placed on appearance. What advice would you give to anyone out there dealing with an internal battle that influences their outward apperance based on how others  perception vs just BEing themselves.

De’jan Nicole:  For anyone out there who doesn’t feel beautiful, YOU ARE! Remember your True Beauty comes from within. BE YOU! BE CONFIDENT! Once you know this you will be unstoppable and able to share your beauty with the world! 

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