Hello world! Battle of the Lashes —-The Relaunch

Photo Courtesy of Buzznet

We proudly introduce you to the Battle of the Lashes Blog Campaign -A Battle of Eyelash Artistry-created to educate, inspire and friendly remind the world of the power one posses by walking in their true beauty.  True Beauty is the essences of who you are and with it comes confidence, boldness, humbled liberation- The wherewithal. This is what empowers the world and we invite you to journey with us in this process of discovery.  

In addition, we seek to raise awareness of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP)). PSP is frequently misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease because of the slowed movements and gait difficulty, or as Alzheimer’s disease because of the behavioral changes. For that reason, it is important we educate ourselves and others on the differences so we don’t fall victim to misdiagnosis. Be sure to click on our CurePSP tab for more information on our beneficiary.

 Often times, we has a society lose sight of what’s really important.  So please, take a moment to browse the site to show your support and encourage others to do the same.  Thank you in advance and be sure to check back periodically for updates, upcoming events, auditions, competitions, and much more.

Let the Battle of the Lashes begin. . .